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Android SDK 3.0.1
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Android is a wildly popular mobile operating system developed by Google. It is based on the free Linux kernel and currently runs on the majority of smart phones. Its main competitors are the Apple iOS, RIM's BlackBerry operating system and Symbian devices. Devices running Android range from the original HTC Dream up to the latest devices with quad-core processors, 2D/3D accelerators and 4G mobile network connectivity.

If you have ever wanted to develop a program to add to the enormous library of Android software, the Android SDK is just what you will need to get started. This software suite officially released by Google includes tools, documentation, libraries and utilities to make the development process as easy as possible without sacrificing flexibility and features. For developers who do not currently have an Android device, or who wish to test their software's compatibility on a wider range of devices and Android versions, Google has provided an emulator free of charge. This program runs the Android OS in a virtual machine that is isolated from the rest of your computer. This allows you to to test out your software in a "sandbox" environment that is fast, reliable and highly configurable.

The Android SDK is also useful for customizing your Android device's operating system, uploading and downloading files to and from your Android file systems, performing debugging tasks and tethering your phone to a computer for Internet connection sharing. Much of this is facilitated by the versatile application known as "adb." This simple command-line program is able to run on nearly any desktop or laptop computer operating system. It allows for bidirectional, high-speed communication between a computer and a mobile device running Android. It can be used over a USB connection or a computer network.

Download the Android SDK to get started tinkering with this robust operating system today!

This framework lets you easily develop apps for Google's mobile operating system.

To builds apps that run on Android, you need Android SDK. Contained in it, you will find access to code libraries, routines and utilities that will help you develop your apps.

When your apps seem complete, Android SDK's emulator lets you run them in the Android environment and test your apps' readiness.

Android SDK does have a learning curve, but there are many support articles available online that can help you understand how to operate its many features.

If you want to develop your own Android app, this is a vital piece of freeware.


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